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Overview Gastrodiae Rhizoma is the dried tuber of Gastrodia elata Bl. which belongs to the Orchidaceae family and is widely-used in many Asian countries, including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, China, and others, as a traditional medicine for the treatment of many diseases. Conclusion Despite the publication of various papers on Gastrodia elata Blume, there is still, however, the need for definitive research and clarification of other bioactive compounds using bioactivity-guided isolation strategies, and the possible mechanism of action as well as potential synergistic or antagonistic effects of multi-component mixtures derived from Gastrodia elata Blume need to. Abstract The pharmacokinetics of parishin, gastrodin, Gastrodia elata extract and Rhizoma Gastrodiae capsule was investigated by intragastric and/or intravenous administration to rats.Hsieh CL, Chiang SY, Cheng KS, Lin YH, Tang.

While Gastrodia elata, the species used in Chinese medicine, produces only tiny flowers, another variety of gastrodia Gastrodia cunninghamii produces the well-known decorative "black orchid" pictured below, which starts off purplish and then develops light petals forming yellow-brown flowers with dots of. China Low Price Rhizom Gastrodiae Extract,Gastrodin 98%,Gastrodia Elata Extract from Global Rhizom Gastrodiae Extract Supplier and Manufacturer-NutriHerb China Low Price Rhizom Gastrodiae Extract,Gastrodin 98% Menu.

Gastrodin is extracted from the root of rhizoma gastrodiae, the place of origin is Yunnan. Rhizoma gastrodiae extract gastrodin powder has good effect on sedative and hypnotic. Chinese traditional medicine rhizoma gastrodiae used. Tian ma, Traditional Chinese Medicinal herb, in Latin is Rhizoma Gastrodiae, and the dried tuber of Gastrodia elata Bl.Fam. Orchidaceae. Gastrodiae/Tian Ma is mainly produced in Yunnan, Sichuan, Shanxi and Guizhou provinces. Gastrodia Rhizoma widely cultivated in China, widely distributed, resulting in a lot of variation. So Gastrodia Rhizoma is divided into four types, Gelata B1.F.elata, G.elata B1.F.Viridls MalKino, G.elata B1f.G1auca S Chow, Gelata.

Chinese herb Rhizoma Gastrodiae is for treatment of syndromes of liver-wind stirring inside with convulsion; dizziness and headache due to hyperactivity of liver-yang. The source is from the tuber of Gastrodia elata BI., family. Gastrodia elata, Gastrodienwurzelstock, Tianma Himmelshanfwurzel - Rhizoma Gastrodiae können Sie bei meine- bestellen. Des Weiteren finden Sie dort über 814 weitere Tees und Kräuter in Apothekenqualität. Gastrodia ist eine blattgrünlose Pflanzen-Gattung aus der Familie der Orchideen Orchidaceae. Sie besteht aus 82 Arten und wurde von Robert Brown erstbeschrieben Merkmale Gastrodia haben die Photosynthese aufgegeben und bilden dementsprechend kein Chlorophyll mehr. mehr.

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