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hi in db2 it is much more simpler than in sql server in db2 you get the current date by selecting CURRENT_DATE when you want to do date arithemtic you do it by add or subtracting a date component so the current_date in db2. The beautiful examples of DB2 Date, Time and Timesatmp and how to use Sysdummy1 table in DB2. Really good to read and you can use in your code directly. The basics -To get the current date, time, and timestamp using SQL.

How to calculate the date difference with date as result: db2 "SELECT current date - date2008-08-05 FROM sysibm.sysdummy1" SQL Date and Time Functions DAYNAME Returns a mixed case character string containing. 2006/05/19 · get current date - 30 days bosoxer1 Programmer OP 18 May 06 06:07 Need to create db2 where clause to het current day - 30 days, in the format of 2006051800 to compare against datetime field. 00 can be appended, I hope.

DB2: Hi All, My qs is: How to get the DB2 DATE and TIME in COBOL program? I want to write it to a. Hi Craq, Thanks very much for the reply, Can I get DATE and TIME separately? I want to populate two variables, one with DATE. 2006/01/11 · home > topics > db2 database > questions > current date minus dateAsk a Question Need help? Post your question and get tips & solutions from a community of 445,860 IT Pros current date minus date.

2007/04/10 · home > topics > db2 database > questions > convert current date to integer as in yyyymmddAsk a Question Need help? Post your question and get tips & solutions from a community of convert current date to integer as in P: 1. Oracleでシステム日付を文字列で扱う方法をまとめます。Oracleでシステム日付を取得するには`SYSDATE`を使用します。SYSDATEは日付型で取得されます。YYYYMMDD形式などの文字列型に変換したい場合はTO_CHARでフォーマットを. 2009/08/19 · [SOLVED] Current Date Minus x DAYS Login/Join [] bcook278 Gold member posted I have a very basic SQL statement that I am trying to run via DMC. SELECT T1.DATE_STAMP FROM DATE_DIM T1 WHERE T1.DATE Thanks.

date_part 関数は SQL-関数 extract と因習的な Ingres が互換をとるためのモデル化です。date_part'field', source ここで field の値は文字列でなければならないことに注意してください。有効な date_part の値は extract と同じです。16 4. select current date from myfile Did you mean in SQL on DB2/400? The default value for a DATE field is CURRENT DATE. The default value for a TIMESTAMP field is CURRENT TIMESTAMP. There is no need for a field-level keyword.

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